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Condo Insurance in Mississippi & Tennessee

If you don’t have condo insurance in Mississippi, you won’t be covered if anything happens to the inside of your condo. It can be as simple as someone vandalizing your condo while you are on vacation. You may think that your condo association may cover everything you want, but that’s not the case.

Condo Insurance Options in Mississippi & Tennessee 

There are plenty of options on how to protect your home with condo insurance, so you will want to speak with an agent at Tackett Insurance, Inc. serving Oxford, MS to find the right options for you.

  • Personal Property/Contents covers protection for your personal property. This will cover damage from fire, wind, hail, or theft.
  • Dwelling Coverage will cover damages to your unit or a portion of the unit and protect it from fire, wind, hail, or theft.
  • Extra Expense can provide assistance for additional living expenses when you are not able to live in the condo as a result of damage.
  • There is coverage for additions and other alterations through a coverage for condominium owners.
  • Liability Coverage protects against damages arising from an accident that results in injury or property damage to others, where you are held liable. This type of policy coverage will include court costs and the cost of defending yourself.
  • Medical payments to others will include payments for medical, ambulance rides, and hospital expenses for those that are injured on your property because of an accident.

There are other coverage options available, depending on your needs. You can ask about personal injury coverage, increased additions, or alterations, as well as other structure coverage.

In Mississippi & Tennessee, you will need to read the by-laws of your condo administration. Many times the owners are responsible for covering everything, including fixtures, but some policies will include interior walls or windows, or certain appliances. Make sure you have enough coverage to protect all your personal belongings.

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