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Umbrella Insurance in Mississippi or Tennessee

Your personal liability insurance can only protect you up to a specific limit. Have you ever asked yourself what will happen if you find yourself in a situation which requires more than your standard liability coverage limit? Will you sell your assets to meet the extra cost?

No need to worry since our umbrella insurance is designed as a form of personal excesses liability coverage. Tackett Insurance, Inc.'s umbrella insurance is specially designed to protect you beyond the limits of your auto insurance, homeowners’ insurance, and other personal insurance policies. Our umbrella policy offers the much-needed extra liability protection in Oxford, MS.

How Does Our Umbrella Policy Work

Let us consider the scenario explained below to understand how our umbrella policy covers you in Mississippi or Tennessee. One of your friends is visiting your home on a Saturday afternoon for lunch. You enjoy your lunch together and spent some quality time together. When her time to leave arrives, you stand and decide to escort her but just before she steps out of the door she slips and falls terribly.

From your preliminary examination, you can tell that she is severely injured. You rush her to a hospital, and the doctor establishes that her backbone has fractured and she can no longer go to work for up to six months. A lawsuit ensues, and you're sued for causing her bodily injuries. The case runs to completion and the judge orders you to compensate your friend ta sum of $1 million. Unfortunately, your standard homeowners’ policy has covered you to a limit of only $250,000. Where do you get the extra $750,000 to settle the case? This is where our personal umbrella insurance policy comes into play.

What Do We Cover Under Our Umbrella Policy

Our umbrella insurance policy in Mississippi or Tennessee covers the following areas:

  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Landlord liability
  • Personal injury
  • We also settle your legal defense fees if you are sued.
  • Our umbrella insurance policy is meant to safeguard your assets in Oxford, MS and around the state. Contact Tackett Insurance, Inc. today and request a quote. Our agents will be ready to answer your questions and help you get started on a policy.
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