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Auto Insurance in Mississippi & Tennessee

At Tackett Insurance, Inc., we understand the value of your car and the risks involved in driving your car in Mississippi and Tennessee. We are here to ensure that you don’t suffer significant financial losses when you’re involved in an accident. We provide comprehensive auto insurance in Oxford, MS and around the state protecting you against various uncertainties associated with driving.

Mississippi & Tennessee Auto Insurance Policies

Our auto insurance policy offers coverage against liability, medical costs, and property damage. We shall also meet the cost of repairing your vehicle when the worst happens. We shall also pay your legal fee if you destroy someone else’s property and the matter ends up in a court. Our auto insurance covers the following areas:


We shall meet the cost of repairing your damaged car if you’re involved in a collision with another car or standstill objects such as an electric post or a wall. We shall take care of the repair costs even if you’re the one at fault.

Property Damage

Sometimes, you may cause severe damage to someone else’s property while driving. Our property damage liability policy has been designed to help you in such cases. We shall talk to the owner of the property and meet the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged property.

Personal Injury Policy

Our personal injury policy has been designed to cater for your medical bills in Mississippi that may come up when you or your passenger sustain injuries during an accident. We shall be there to ensure that you don’t suffer significant financial losses when it comes to clearing the hospital bills. Our policy also covers any lost income as a result of road carnage.

Comprehensive Policy

Our comprehensive policy is designed to cater for any losses arising as a result of theft or any other damage to your car. This policy will only come into play when the cause of the damage isn’t a collision since our collision policy caters for collision-related damage. This damage can be as a result of weather, vandalism, or fire.

Are you looking for customer-friendly auto insurance in Oxford, MS? Contact Tackett Insurance, Inc. today for quality services. Our agents are ready to work with you in building a policy that fits your needs. Also, try our online rating tool for a quote from home.


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