How To Protect Your Home From Theft This Holiday Season

Packages are left at the front door. Time is spent away from home at parties. Hundreds of dollars worth of gifts are stored in the home. Food to make, gifts to wrap, events to plan, so many things that leave you distracted and off guard. All of these things combined create the perfect environment for thieves during the holidays. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood in Oxford, MS, you’re not free from risk. At Tackett Insurance, Inc., we know that thieves are thieves, and they don’t care what neighborhood they’re in. Taking a few precautions can go a long way in protecting your home and your possessions.

Inside Your Home

  • Always lock your doors and windows

  • Leave porch lights as well as some inside lights on if you are going to be away from home

  • Don’t set your Christmas lights to go on and off at the same time each day

  • If you’re traveling for more than a day, have the post office hold your mail

  • Don’t leave your gifts out in the open, and especially not in front of a window

You don’t want thieves to enter your home, but you also don’t want them to steal things without actually going into your home either. Unfortunately, package theft is a big problem, especially during the holidays. Make sure you protect the outside of your home as well.

Outside Your Home

  • Require a signature for all packages or schedule delivery for when you will be home

  • If possible, have your packages delivered to your work or have a neighbor pick them up for you

  • Keep your bushes around your home trimmed and don’t clutter your yard or porch with too many decorations. Overgrown bushes or large decorations provide the perfect place for thieves to hide.

  • Invest in a video doorbell so you can stop a package thief right in their tracks

When someone takes advantage of you by stealing, you can feel violated and not even know what to do next. If you do find yourself in this situation and you live near Oxford, MS, Tackett Insurance, Inc. is here to help you out.