How to Protect Your Car from Theft

Auto theft is a common occurrence these days, with thieves getting savvy every day. There are many ways to prevent yourself from being a victim of car theft by taking preventative measures and ensuring car security. Investing in the right auto insurance policy is also a way to protect your car from theft. In case it gets stolen, you can be compensated for your loss. If you’re in Memphis, TN, Tackett Insurance Inc. can help with guidance on auto insurance companies that cover theft. 

Lock doors and close windows

When doors are unlocked, you make it easy for a thief to break in. It’s critical to make it a habit to check whether doors are locked at all times. If you leave the windows open, a thief can easily reach in and unlock the door from inside, then steal what they want.

Be smart about where you park and avoid dark, unattended areas

If you don’t want to fall victim to car theft, park your car in areas that are easily accessible and with good lighting. This will make it hard for a car thief to break in and steal anything as they fear being seen. Have a motion sensor installed if it isn’t in a completely lit place.

Don’t leave the keys in the car

Thieves can easily drive away with your car if you leave the keys on the ignition. If you are stepping out to run an errand, ensure you don’t leave the engine running. Otherwise, your car becomes an easy target for theft.

Install safety features

Car safety features and anti-theft devices are necessary when it comes to protecting your car from auto theft. Install alarm systems to go off when there is an attempt to break in and, if possible, have visible locks on the steering wheel and window etchings to keep off thieves.

If your car doesn’t have an antitheft system, have one installed. Your car has a higher chance of getting recovered fast, and this is discouraging to thieves. Ask your insurer about the discounts for these anti-theft systems. 

There’s so much you can do to protect your car from theft. It’s important to remember that lives are crucial, so don’t resist when confronted by a carjacker. You can also contact Tackett Insurance Inc. serving Memphis, TN to learn more about policies such as comprehensive auto insurance that cover your car against theft and other issues apart from collision.