Moving Out? Make Sure Renters Insurance is Included in Your Budget

People move into an apartment or rental property for a variety of reasons. They may be going to college, taking a job in another city, or don’t want the commitment involved with buying a home. Some may not have the financial resources to buy or are downsizing. No matter your reason for moving out into an apartment, don’t forget to include renter’s insurance in your budget.

For those moving to or within the Memphis, TN, area, Tackett Insurance Inc. can help get you covered. Here are some aspects of renter’s insurance you should know.

Renters Insurance Covers Your Personal Property

When you sign up for renter’s insurance, your items like clothing, furniture, small appliances, kitchenware, bedding, and more are covered. This is why roommates should each have renters’ insurance, so all tenants’ possessions are covered.

Liability Protection

Renter’s insurance can also include liability protection. This means you will be covered if a friend, visitor, or delivery person suffers an injury while at the rental.

Liability protection can cover legal costs associated with a liability claim and any settlement or judgment.

Coverage While Traveling

Renter’s insurance may cover the personal possessions you take with you when traveling.

It is Generally Affordable

One of the big reasons to include renter’s insurance in your budget when you move is that it is frequently very affordable and easy to acquire.

Contact Tackett Insurance Inc. to get started with renter’s insurance. If you rent a home or apartment in the Memphis, TN area, put renter’s insurance in your budget. We look forward to assisting you.