Protect Your Finances With Renters’ Insurance

When you are renting a place to live, one of the things you have to do is to get renters’ insurance. Most landlords now require that you have this coverage. And if they don’t, it can be far too expensive to be without it. If you need renters’ insurance, contact us at Tackett Insurance Inc. in Memphis, TN.

Cover Your Belongings

Not having any renters’ insurance is a bad idea in general, but it is an even harder thing to deal with once an accident or disaster has destroyed your belongings. Without insurance to help you in replacing them, you would have to pay for all of it from your own pocket. This can devastate you financially as well as making it hard to live your life without your possessions. Renters’ insurance will cover what you own so that if the worst happens you won’t have to go bankrupt trying to replace it all. 

Cover Your Liability 

Another area that can lead to you owing a lot of money is not having any liability coverage. A renters’ policy comes with some of this coverage so that you aren’t left paying enormous medical bills if someone were to have an accident in your home. Liability coverage is one type of protection that many people don’t think about, but it certainly comes in handy if there is an accident that you are liable for. 

A Habitable Home

It’s important to your standard of living that you have a home that is habitable and in good condition. If something were to happen that seriously damaged your home, your renters’ insurance can pay for you to leave that home and live elsewhere while the proper repairs are being made. 

Get Your Renters’ Insurance Policy

To make sure your finances aren’t destroyed by an accident happening in or to your home, you need a renters’ policy. Call us today at Tackett Insurance Inc. in Memphis, TN.