Three Mistakes Drivers Make When Getting Auto Insurance

Avoid Common Auto Insurance Setup Mistakes with Tackett Insurance Inc.

Setting up auto insurance is a process involving significant decisions and substantial knowledge. Avoiding common setup mistakes can be crucial to securing the proper coverage. In this blog, we’re going to discuss some common mistakes to look out for briefly.

Securing Adequate Coverage

A frequently seen mistake is not securing enough coverage for your vehicle. State-required coverages might not suffice for your specific needs. Explore additional options like comprehensive and collision coverage to protect your vehicle against potential damage. Determine if something like rental car reimbursement could be helpful in case your car requires extensive repairs and ascertain many more coverage options suitable for your situation.

Opting for the Correct Liability Limits

Another commonly observed mistake is settling for liability limits equal to the state’s minimum requirements. Accidents could easily surpass these limits, leaving you liable for hefty expenditures. An advisable approach would be opting for significantly higher liability limits, providing ample protection should you be held responsible for an accident.

Assessing Annual Mileage Accurately

Underestimating the distance you cover annually can lead to unanticipated issues. Since more mileage increases your chances of being involved in an accident, it affects your insurance premium accordingly. So, it would help if you weren’t underestimating your annual mileage to save a bit on premium costs, as it might lead to complications later. Agents at Tackett Insurance Inc. can provide an average mileage estimate for most drivers and help you make an informed guess.

Ensure these common mistakes do not plague your auto insurance setup. For professional help with the process, contact us at Tackett Insurance Inc. We cater to clients from Memphis, TN, and are ready to serve you.