Do You Really Need Condo Insurance?

When buying a condo, you may be wondering whether you need insurance for it. To insure your condo, you may not want to spend that much money every month (or year). That being said, if you ever find yourself needing insurance, you will wish that you had it. 

Here are some reasons why you need condo insurance:

If you have a loan, you may be required to have insurance. Most mortgage companies require you to have condo insurance to protect your investment. 

Your condo association may also require it. Depending on where your condo is, the association may also require insurance to protect its community. 

If you can’t afford to fix your home if something occurs, you want to have insurance at that moment. Your insurance will cover most damage that occurs to your condo. If you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars lying around, you will need insurance to pay for the damages. If your pipe leaks, you could be looking at damage to the walls, floor, and ceiling below. This could add up! 

It will even cover the possessions that you have inside your condo. It will cover (to a certain extent) the cost of replacing your possessions, including your clothing, furniture, and even the artwork on your wall. You may need an umbrella policy if you have some expensive pieces of jewelry or art. This extra policy shouldn’t cost you too much extra, but it will be worth it if your jewelry is stolen. 

If you want to ensure that your condo is protected, don’t hesitate to contact us at Tackett Insurance Inc. in Memphis, TN. 

Why should someone in Memphis get life insurance?

Anyone who lives in the Memphis, TN area will want to know that they have the right personal insurance plans. A form of insurance coverage that everyone should consider getting is life insurance. This is a unique form of coverage that can provide you with a way to protect the financial needs of those you care about. There are various reasons someone will want to get a life insurance plan here.

Coverage Offers Financial Support for Dependents

Every breadwinner should want to have a life insurance plan because it can offer financial support for their dependents. If there are people that rely on your income to meet their basic needs, ensuring these needs are protected is very important. If you get a life insurance plan, you can create a policy specifically to meet your needs. This will allow you to build it to ensure that any expenses will be covered. 

Use Insurance as an Investment

You can also consider getting a life insurance plan as an investment opportunity. With a whole life insurance plan, you will enjoy the long-term benefits that come with this form of insurance support. This includes having a policy’s cash value that grows with interest and each payment. This makes it an excellent addition to a personal insurance plan. 

As you are looking to get a life insurance plan in the Memphis, TN area, it is a good idea to call the team at Tackett Insurance Inc. There are many great reasons to get a life insurance plan. Starting your search with Tackett Insurance Inc. is a smart idea. Contact our office to get the support you need when choosing a life insurance policy. 

Do people in Memphis need auto insurance?

People in the Memphis, TN area will always benefit by having their own car. When you are looking to purchase a vehicle in this region of Tennessee, you can quickly find that protecting your car is important. A great way that you can protect yourself and your car is by getting insurance for it. An auto plan is needed for people in this area for a variety of reasons. 

Coverage is Needed to Protect the Car

One of the reasons that you need auto insurance is so you can protect your car. There is a big investment that comes with a vehicle purchase and protecting it is very important. If you are insured, you will have the support that will help to mitigate various risks including theft or accident damage. 

Coverage is Required for Drivers

Another reason that you will want to get an auto insurance plan is that it will likely be a requirement. If you ever intend to drive your car in this state, you will have to carry liability insurance. With this type of insurance, you will have protection if you cause an accident that has damages. If you do not have this insurance in place, you could be found in violation of state driving laws and can face various penalties in the future. 

Anyone that owns or leases a vehicle in the Memphis, TN area is going to need to have auto coverage. If you are evaluating your needs for insurance here, you can start your search by calling Tackett Insurance Inc. With so many choices to make when looking for coverage, working with Tackett Insurance Inc. is a great option. The team here will give you any support that you need to understand all of your needs and pick an ideal plan. 

Are you required to have renters insurance in Memphis?

Renters insurance is something not many people understand. It is a personal type of insurance that protects your possessions and assets in a couple of different ways. At Tackett Insurance Inc. in Memphis, TN, our team of experts customize your insurance to what you need and can afford. Our agency has been serving the locals for more than 100 years. 

As to whether you need to have renters insurance, neither the state nor the city requires it, but some landlords or management companies may. Always read your lease carefully. But just because it isn’t required doesn’t mean you don’t need it and shouldn’t have it. Less than 50% of renters have a policy and that is needlessly reckless. It is affordable and provides valuable protection. 

If your rental was damaged by, let’s just say, a fire, would you be able to afford to replace the damaged items? What if your entire living area was damaged? Could you easily replace all your possessions? If your answer is no, what would you do? If you had renters insurance, you wouldn’t have to worry, you would have the money to replace your possessions. 

No one likes to think about being sued, but it does happen. It happens a lot more often than you probably think. Would you be able to pay for legal fees and a potential judgment against you? You could lose all your savings and even go into debt if you don’t have enough saved. 

Where would you go if your rental was damaged? Loss of use coverage will help pay for a hotel and temporary rental while your unit is being repaired. It beats moving back home and living in your parent’s basement or a friend’s guest room. 

In Memphis, TN, you can be comfortable calling Tackett Insurance Inc. and asking important questions about renters insurance.

How Tennessee Renter’s Insurance Covers You When You Travel

When you have renter’s insurance in Tennessee, you are likely starting off with a general liability policy. There is more to renter’s insurance than that. With additional coverage such as property coverage, you are more protected against financial risks. What many renters do not know is that their renter’s insurance covers them when they travel.

At Tackett Insurance Inc., we want Memphis, TN renters to have the most thorough coverage possible when they are renting their homes. That coverage goes where you go.

Learn more about how renter’s insurance covers you when traveling right here.

Property and Contents Coverage

You can include property and contents coverage in your renter’s insurance policy in Tennessee. If anything happens to your property, through loss, theft, vandalism, or accidents such as fire or weather, you can have those contents replaced.

When you are traveling, if you lose or break something covered in your renter’s insurance, you can have that replaced or repaired with an insurance claim. If something happens to a laptop, phone, or other valuable, your renter’s insurance will cover it.

Liability Coverage

When there is an accident or problem when you are on vacation, your liability coverage with your renter’s insurance will cover it. Your liability coverage on your renter’s policy covers you, and not your building. If something happens while you are away, you can make a claim with your renter’s insurance.

Get a Quote

If you want the most thorough coverage in Tennessee, update your renter’s insurance policy today. At Tackett Insurance Inc., we want Memphis, TN renters to be protected wherever they go. Call us for a quote today.

How to Protect Your Car from Theft

Auto theft is a common occurrence these days, with thieves getting savvy every day. There are many ways to prevent yourself from being a victim of car theft by taking preventative measures and ensuring car security. Investing in the right auto insurance policy is also a way to protect your car from theft. In case it gets stolen, you can be compensated for your loss. If you’re in Memphis, TN, Tackett Insurance Inc. can help with guidance on auto insurance companies that cover theft. 

Lock doors and close windows

When doors are unlocked, you make it easy for a thief to break in. It’s critical to make it a habit to check whether doors are locked at all times. If you leave the windows open, a thief can easily reach in and unlock the door from inside, then steal what they want.

Be smart about where you park and avoid dark, unattended areas

If you don’t want to fall victim to car theft, park your car in areas that are easily accessible and with good lighting. This will make it hard for a car thief to break in and steal anything as they fear being seen. Have a motion sensor installed if it isn’t in a completely lit place.

Don’t leave the keys in the car

Thieves can easily drive away with your car if you leave the keys on the ignition. If you are stepping out to run an errand, ensure you don’t leave the engine running. Otherwise, your car becomes an easy target for theft.

Install safety features

Car safety features and anti-theft devices are necessary when it comes to protecting your car from auto theft. Install alarm systems to go off when there is an attempt to break in and, if possible, have visible locks on the steering wheel and window etchings to keep off thieves.

If your car doesn’t have an antitheft system, have one installed. Your car has a higher chance of getting recovered fast, and this is discouraging to thieves. Ask your insurer about the discounts for these anti-theft systems. 

There’s so much you can do to protect your car from theft. It’s important to remember that lives are crucial, so don’t resist when confronted by a carjacker. You can also contact Tackett Insurance Inc. serving Memphis, TN to learn more about policies such as comprehensive auto insurance that cover your car against theft and other issues apart from collision.

Is it ever too late to buy life insurance?

The reality is unless you have a terminal illness that will cause your death within months or days, it is never too late to buy life. Life insurance isn’t really about you, it is about your dependents. Even if you are elderly, you may have dependents who count on your income to survive. Talking to your local independent insurance agent will help you to understand what you need. In Memphis, TN, that agency is Tackett Insurance Inc.

Life insurance is the easiest to get and the least costly when you are young, which makes it the ideal time to purchase it. Whole life insurance stays with you for your entire life and if purchased when you are young, it will always be well priced. With term life, the policy has a term limit. You may buy it for a very good price, but when the 20 years of the term are up, you will lose that rate. You may be able to continue your policy, but the rate will be adjusted by your new age. 

When it comes to the potential of being too late to buy life insurance, a lot will depend on your health. To get the best policies, you usually need to get a physical exam. If you have any issues, you could potentially be denied. Policies that don’t require a physical are available but are usually of a smaller payout amount and are more expensive. 

If you are older and want to get a life insurance policy, talking to your local independent insurance agent is a good place to start. They represent a wide selection of carriers and can make sure you get the most for your money. 

If you live in or near Memphis, TN, Tackett Insurance Inc. has a team of experts who can help you will all your life insurance needs. 

Why basic auto insurance isn’t always the right choice

From the Great Smokey Mountains in the east to the Mississippi River in the west, Tennessee offers some of the most scenic vistas that any driver could want. Whether you are taking a great American road trip or just driving to the grocery store, you want to make sure you have the right auto insurance to keep you protected. At Tackett Insurance Inc in Memphis, TN, we have a team of experts who will make sure your policy is customized to your needs and wallet. 

In the state of Tennessee, you are required to have liability insurance. It is a basic amount which may be fine if you don’t have many assets. If, however, you do have assets, it probably isn’t the right choice. Liability insurance protects other people from an accident where you are the at-fault driver, but what about your vehicle? If you have basic auto insurance, it isn’t going to cover your vehicle. 

To protect your vehicle, you need to carry collision and comprehensive coverage. 

Collision insurance

Collision insurance pays to repair or replace your vehicle if you are in an accident where you are at fault. It will also cover a hit and run or a single driver accident where you are the only one involved. 

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance also covers your vehicle. Many things can damage your vehicle over which you have no control. You can’t control hail from damaging your paint, limbs from falling on your roof, or stones from flying up and cracking your windshield. Theft and vandalism are also covered by comprehensive insurance.

When you count on your vehicle to do your daily tasks, having insurance to protect it is a must. 

Contact Tackett Insurance Inc in Memphis, TN when you need your auto policy reviewed or are looking for a first policy.

Is it Time To Update Your Commercial Insurance Policy?

If you are a business owner, you already understand the importance of having business insurance. Commercial insurance is your safety net that protects your business financially from a loss when the unthinkable occurs. But when should you update your commercial insurance coverage? Well, keep reading for more insights.

Every business has goals and objectives, and one crucial one is increasing its end-of-year profit, have a bigger office space and a bigger team. And it serves as an ultimate indication that your business is doing well. To that end, any change in your company should be updated in your business insurance policy to keep you fully covered. At Tackett Insurance Inc. of Memphis, TN, we have prepared for your instances when it’s time to update your policy.

Change of operating location or office

If you change your office location, let’s say to a bigger space, you must update your business insurance policy. If you fail to, you risk not covering your new building or any equipment stored there. The same case should apply if you downsize your office.

Change of employees

Your business insurance policy is calculated per employee headcount. If you hire more employees, you must include them in your liability protection. Similarly, if the existing employee’s exit, you should update your policy.

Expanding your product portfolio

Business owners know the importance of having insurance for their products. Any defect in your products could cause injury, loss, or even death, attracting lawsuits. To that end, ensure you protect all your products in the event of a claim against your company. If you introduce a new product, you should also include it in your insurance policy

Other reasons for updating your business insurance include:

  • Merging your company
  • Changing the nature of your business
  • Adding new clients or vendors 

Commercial insurance in Memphis, TN

It’s paramount to update your business insurance as changes arise. Focus on business development as we protect your business. Whether you are looking for business insurance or updating, we’ve got you. Call us at Tackett Insurance Inc. for an affordable quote. 

What to Do If Your Homeowners Insurance Is Canceled

You go to your Memphis, TN mailbox and see a notice from your insurance company. Once you open the notice, you learn your homeowners insurance policy is being canceled. Now, what do you do? Don’t worry because you still have a small amount of time to get things taken care of, so you keep your insurance and meet any mortgage requirements. 

Keep reading to learn what you can do if your homeowners insurance policy is canceled and then give us a call at Tackett Insurance Inc. for help saving your insurance coverage. 

Why Insurance Policies Get Canceled

When an insurance policy is canceled, it often means coverage will end before the terms of your policy have expired. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why an existing insurance policy gets canceled – missing a payment or suspected fraud. 

However, insurance companies can choose not to renew a policy after it expires for several reasons. These reasons may include: 

  • Having bad credit
  • Owning an aggressive breed
  • Leaving the property vacant
  • Having a criminal record
  • Filing too many claims
  • Coverage is no longer available for the area

What to Do If Your Homeowners Insurance Is Canceled

Call your insurance company immediately upon receiving the cancellation or non-renewal notice. There may be something that can be done to prevent insurance loss, such as catching up on payments or getting a different type of insurance coverage. In addition, if there was something, such as a damaged roof, causing the cancellation, you might be allowed to have it fixed before the cancellation date to reinstate insurance coverage. 

If reinstating or renewing your insurance is not an option, you must start shopping around for a new policy. Different companies take on certain risks, and because one company canceled your policy does not mean you cannot get insurance. 

If your Memphis, TN homeowners insurance policy is at risk of being canceled, give us a call. Our agents at Tackett Insurance Inc. may be able to help keep you insured.