The Pros And Cons Of Condominium Insurance

The agents of Tackett Insurance, Inc. in Oxford, MS are experts in all categories of home insurance and should be consulted before you purchase your home. When you are purchasing your first home, you better know what you are buying. Are you buying a condominium, townhouse, single family home, or a detached condominium? 

An inexperienced real estate agent or an attorney whose area of specialty is not real estate cannot be depended on to determine the right category of home. The time to decide on the right category of a home must be made before closing or buy the property. There are situations where the developer did not follow state regulations and a homeowners association was not established after the last lot in the development was sold. The legal implications are dire if you thought you were buying a condo and ended up buying a townhouse or you thought you were buying a single family home where you owned the land and houses interior and exterior, and then found out that you purchased a detached condominium.

Condominium insurance is unlike homeowners insurance. The condo owner’s policy typically would cover interior walls, personal property, valuables, and appliances. It will also pay for fire and smoke, explosions, wind and hail, theft, vandalism, lightning, and burst pipes, but will not pay for earthquakes, floods, nuclear hazards, damage from birds, rodents and insects, wear and tear, and damage from underground water (such as sewer backups).

Your policy will also protect the condo owner against liability claims if the owner is responsible for a third person’s injury, medical expenses, or property damage, or any legal fees as a result of a lawsuit.

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